Green, Non-Toxic Grill Cleaning

My Grill Pro uses safe, non-toxic, bio-degradable cleaners. We are committed to keeping you, your family, your pets and the environment safe.

Our Cleaners

The cleaners we use at My Grill Pro are guaranteed to be safe for your family and your grill. Our cleaners are all non-toxic and made from natural ingredients.

Our cleaners are eco-friendly. They are all biodegradable and have no harmful chemicals.

Green non toxic
Clean and Green

At My Grill Pro we use three main cleaners.

Tank Mix Powder

The powder that we use in our trailer mounted process tank is a heavy-duty degreaser and carbon remover. What is extremely incredible about this product is that there is no trace of caustic soda or lye. The powder will hold grease and fats in suspension. This means that only fresh cleaning molecules are used on every clean that we perform. When the clean molecules run out, we simply change the mixture. In combination with the use of only Hygiene Grade materials you can be assured of premium quality workmanship and a totally safe-end result.

Liquid Degreaser

Our de-greasing liquid that we’ll use is water based. It doesn’t get much safer than that! Our liquid degreaser will produce awesome results when we degrease your hood, control knobs, drip pans, etc.
This product is also mildly scented to leave a fresh smelling environment when we’re finished. The degreasing liquid is also biodegradable and, to be totally ‘green’, this product is shipped to us in recyclable containers.

Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish

We complete our process by polishing the outside of the grill with our special formulated stainless steel cleaner and polisher. It will leave your grill glistening!